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AIRWALK / Find your own way.

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We Out Here

We saw a movement - a growing group of young urban skaters with their own style, look and attitude that were challenging the geographic and social paradigms that have long been associated with skate. These kids were making shit happen, independently. Airwalk wanted to acknowledge the attitude, and pay homage to the movement. Already Famous was born.

An extension of the Airwalk brand story, Already Famous is a celebration of urban skate. It’s a state of mind. It’s a state of being. #weouthere


Our collection of Already Famous videos. Sick parties, famous individuals, skate and other stuff. #weouthere

AF Airwalk Product

All limited edition. All inspired by the We Out Here generation. Get it in our shop.

Harold Hunter Foundation

Already Famous is a proud supporter of the Harold Hunter Foundation. Founded in memory of pro skateboarder Harold Hunter, the non-profit organization supports inner city youth pursuing their love of skateboarding. Pretty awesome. haroldhunter.org #legendsneverdie

CREW: Carlo Carezzano

Name: Carlo Carezzano
Age: 22
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Stance: Goofy
Favorite quote: The worst intent is not to try
Inspirations: Old school skaters from NYC and competition.
Favorite Trick: Nose blunt
Favorite place to skate in NYC: Everywhere
"Skating is effing fun "

CREW: Justin Kinard

Name: Justin Brandon Kinard
Age: 25
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Stance: Regular
Founder and Co-owner of Trophy Grip. I am a facilitator I make intent and imagination reality. On and off the board.
Favorite Quote: Earth is just another hell, and humans are its demons- from Dante's Inferno, the animated movie
Inspirations: Louie Barletta, Tolkien, Miyazaki, Jack Black
Favorite Trick: Rhino Flip (Boneless Finger flip 360)
Favorite NYC Skate Spot: Duane Reade ledges
"To me Already Famous is the revitalization of a brand and the people who have all already been fixtures in the skate community."

CREW: Keith White

Name: Keith “tooblacktobe” White
Age: 24
Hometown: Flatbush, Brooklyn NY
Stance: Goofy
I’m Keith. I skate, go nuts and stay hype.
Favorite quote: Live fast, skate faster - Corey Duffel
Inspiration(s): Family, friends and my fellow skaters
Favorite Trick: Tre flip rewind
Favorite place to skate in NYC? All of it
Skating is waking up and being able to meet with the homies, sesh and have a good time. It’s also progressing at your own pace because everybody skates differently.
To me, Already Famous means #weouthere and we're still going to be here long after our skate career is gone.

CREW: Wade Yates

Name: Wade Yates
Age: 23
Hometown: Brownsville, Brooklyn , NY
Stance: Regular
Founder and Co-owner of Trophy Grip. Started skating at 17. "When I was about 7 I always said I wanted to travel the world. Who knew it would happen because of a piece of wood? Because of the DR trip I discovered that the best thing in life is to see new culture. Seeing how people live differently helps you appreciate what you have.”
Favorite Quote: Bad things happen to bad people. Good people are just put through challenges -Wade Yates
Favorite NYC Skate Spot: The entire city. There are always new spots being built, and its awesome cruising the streets and just feeling free.
Skating is an instrument used to create art.
Inspirations: The Og's from the NYC skate scene.
"To me Already Famous is constant reminder of how far I’ve come as a skater and a person."