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AIRWALK / Find your own way.

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Airwalk... 25 Years of Independent Expression

This past year, Airwalk celebrated our 25th birthday. We took the opportunity to look back at our history and we take great pride in the fact that we are one of the brands that helped launch and build the action sports community and industry. Our story is filled with people pushing innovation, supporting the scene, and taking risks, all fueled by a passion for action sports.

Throughout the years, weʼve helped shape and influence the progression of the culture that we all love. Now, we invite you to look through The History of Airwalk, detailing events you maybe familiar with, and some that will surprise you. From our birth in 1986, to our breakout in the 90s, through the brandʼs evolution in the 00s, all leading up to exciting events yet to take place, it has been one hell of a story.

Hereʼs to the past 25 years and to the next 25 to come.